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Online Ordering Help

  • Item showing up as "Unavailable" 

    • This happens when placing an order for an item outside of the normal time window for that item, Example: ordering a lunch item during breakfast or vice versa.  Please first change the order time to the corresponding schedule and it should become available. Note: Breakfast 7:00 am - 10:30, Lunch 10:30 - 2:00​​​​

  • ​Credit Card Declined  

    • Make sure that the CVV & Billing Zip Code are correct​

    • Regarding the Billing Zip Code, when placing an order for delivery, the portal automatically fills in the delivery address as your Billing address, if your credit card billing address is different than the delivery address, you must change it in the credit card area otherwise it will be declined.

    • Declined Charges will not be billed to your account, they may temporarily appear but will fall off.

  • ​Delivery through Door Dash​ and other 3rd party services

    • 3rd party drivers provide a valuable service. That being said, they sometimes do not have the same level of commitment to service as we do and if there are challenges in finding a location or if a customer is not responding, they are allowed by their providers to abandon the order. Make sure that you are available at the time of delivery and do anything you can do to make the delivery easy for the driver. Jen's Place does provide Catering services with our own staff, minimum orders and advance orders apply, see catering menu or call for more info.

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